Morera De Bes is a Barcelona based Creative Dealer, AD and designer currently working within Barcelona creative agency *S,C,P,F... Partner and Creative Direction at Outerview International and Ghost Writer at YALL. Previously been collaborating with people like Daniel Riera, Nico Bustos, Nacho Alegre, Wai Lin Tse, Teddy Iborra, Coke Bartrina, Mariano Herrera, Quentin de Briey, Husumu Hwang, Xavi Gordo, Daniel David Freeman, Biel Capllonch, Takuro Takeuchi, Javier Jaén, Salva López, Keiji Ishizuka and Pandemonia among others. Offering international creative services for brands & businesses such as Sabadell Bank, Loewe, Bmw, Sonar, Adg—Fad, Etnia, Ikea, Tous, Yall, Unicef, Dosnoventa, MXXXIII, l'Officiel, Buena Vista, Yes Future & more.
UK +44 (0)75 8039 9003
ES +34 661 217 657
A brief selection of projects, commissions and collaborations
of the past and present. Full portfolio on request.